Friday, January 8, 2010

When Life Gets in the Way of ART!

How sad, I have been very uncreative for the past few months.  I have had very little time to work on cards and have only finished a few knitted pieces! (some of them are from the pile of unfinished below, and some are NEW!! woops)  This hurts me, makes me realize I need to create to survive. I need to make the time to come home and CREATE!! 

However, besides always being busy at work, I did get a puppy, so that also has a little something to do with it.

Meet Tallulah;
(and my mom)

You can see how she could be distracting.  Then there was a Baby Shower I planned (which is creative!)

 A trip to LA (first In and Out Burger Ever)


A Cruise...

And Christmas.   So at least life is full!

 (SantaCon 2009)

But Back to Crafty:

I did just finish what my boyfriend says is the "coolest thing I've ever made"


For those of you unfamilar with the Kraken please look to Clash of the Titans or Priates of the Carribean.

The making of the Kraken:

tentacles first

then you attach them all together and begin body building. 


the head and fins are supposed to be added by picking up stitches around the body, but I took the easy way out and stitched them to the body.

This piece was made out of a wonderful book: Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh. This is a great book filled with cute stuff, and the Kraken only took about 4 days to complete.

I think now is a great time to get back to what I love, and I am making the commitment now! 


  1. Nice work on the Kraken! That turned out awesome. Will you knit me a flying spaghetti monster?


  3. Sure! Ben wants me to make the Kraken a hat for him with the grabber claws as ear muffs. :)

    In Retrospect, I guess I have been pretty crafty over the past few months, I just need to document more!

  4. that is flippin' AWESOME!!