Thursday, February 18, 2010

When Kitting Soothes the Soul

Oy. It's been a long, long 20 days since my last post.  I'm not sure how so many terrible things were packed into those 20 days, and if my inability to keep my eyes open as soon as I step in my door at night is a direct result from the events that occurred, but I'm trying to keep my mind and my moods out of the dumps.

I do this in little ways, trying to concentrate on how cute my little pooch is, and see the comedy in her ripping apart the house.  Enjoying her scampering around in the snow on her morning walks and how much she longs to go where ever I'm going as soon as she sees my coat in my hand.

Buying new yarn and starting new projects (even though I vowed that I wouldn't).

New sock yarn purchased in St. Louis. First pair of socks ever.  I realized that knitting is really a therapy for me.  It calms me on the subway, and takes my mind off negative thoughts.  It allows me to put all my energy into creating something beautiful that will make someone else happy.

Singing along to my tunes, even though my co-workers and folks on the subway may think I'm a looney tune.

Remember loved one's who left us too early and holding them in my heart and thoughts forever. 

remembering the funny memories so I can laugh while I cry.  And cooking more, so he is never forgotten.

Love you MJ