Monday, October 5, 2009

Unfinished Works

Oh my.  I took a little inventory of what I had on needles at the moment...

Starting from the upper left and working clock wise

1. Wine Sweater started over the summer
2. Baby Blanket started at the end of August
3. "Barf" Blanket started in Jan 08
4. Purple Pillow started for my boyfriend's cousin. I got really far with that one.
5. Blue scarf (bottom) started before last Christmas as a gift for my grandma.
6. Green hand warmers started last summer
7. blue scarf (center) started at the beginning of July
8. Red (middle) bottom of a heart
9. Red hat started last weekend for a charity project
10. Orange hat started two weeks ago for a swap (it's going to be a pumpkin)
11. Blue Panel for a purse I started last winter for a friend... it has yet to be felted.

Pretty sad, I start new projects all the time.  I always think, oh I will finish all my projects before I buy more yarn, but you can take that up with the three huge baskets of yarn in my small apartment

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